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Your rights as a client




Respect for your humanity, self-determination, individuality, and dignity; irrespective of age, cultural background, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation of socio-economic background. 



Your confidentiality is protected within the limits of law. 


Focus on you


You will receive a client-centred service, where your needs are prioritised, and the practitioner works collaboratively with others to promote your best interest. 


Informed Consent


You will be provided with sufficient information on counselling practices and interventions to give an informed consent.



Your privacy is respected, and only information necessary for the provision of therapy is elicited. 



You will receive a service that complies with professional standards of competency and accountability, along with evidence-based practices, and your practitioner keeping the relationship professional. 

Duty of care


A duty of care is taken by the practitioner to ensure that they always engage in ethical practice, and of the standard expected of a responsible and competent practitioner. 



Legible records of your case are kept securely and are accessible when required. 

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